Project Case Study

The Conduit

The Conduit inhabits an 8 floor neo-classical building in the heart of London.


40 Conduit Street has a noted history that resonates with its new purpose. Conduit Street derived its name from the pipes, laid in 1236, that carried water from sources in Hyde Park through the “Conduit Meadows” to supply the city.

What we did

AFS were tasked with providing a fire alarm system to protect this historic London building but would be able to cope with the potential for false alarms presented by the varied use the building would receive.

We designed, installed and commissioned a Siemens system, using their ASA detectors in key locations, these devices are virtually immune to false alarm criteria, such as smoking and cooking fumes, yet are able to rapidly react to a genuine fire.




Historically Significant Building: High Performance Siemens Detection System Installed Throughout
High Potential for False Alarm: Multi Criteria Algorithmically Controlled Detection in Key Areas